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Benefits of Fiberglass Rebar

Composite rebar, glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP),  is an excellent replacement for conventional types of steel rebar. Leave the rust, weight and price uncertainty of traditional steel behind for a superior alternative to concrete reinforcement. 

No Shortage of Availability

Given the supply challenges the steel industry is facing, switching to fiberglass rebar for your next project means fewer product delivery delays.

Cost-Competitive Pricing

Fiberglass rebar is a cost-competitive material compared to coated steel, which is currently experiencing record high prices.  Based on life cycle cost analysis, the use of fiberglass rebar provides competitive prices, zero maintenance, excellent durability, and long design life.


2x Stronger & 100% Rust Free

Fiberglass rebar offers an innovative, comprehensive corrosion solution. A concrete structure reinforced with fiberglass rebar does not react to the chloride-rich environment, maintaining the integrity of your structure over the long term. 

Fiberglass Rebar

The corrosion of steel begins with the rust expanding on the surface of the bar and causing cracking near the steel/concrete interface. As time marches on, the corrosion products build up and cause more extensive cracking until the concrete breaks away from the bar, eventually causing spalling.

100 Year Life Span

One important reason for using GFRP is for concrete longevity. Conservative estimates indicate fiberglass reinforced concrete structures will last longer than 100 years.

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