A General Contractor’s First Step to Safe Subs

A General Contractor’s First Step to Safe Subs

You don’t have time to hold hands.

General contractors are supposed to oversee, not babysit, but that can be what ends up happening in your day. You know what we mean, one of those days where small details distract your project timeline, where your phone says it’s after noon and you wonder how all that time slipped by since hopping out of your truck. It’s normal, but it’s not right.

You get frustrated because you don’t have the time or energy to waste on the little things. Maybe when you were running a small crew and flying by night, but not now.

Today, things are different. Your company has grown. There are more laborers involved and OSHA inspections, higher standards, too — that falls on your shoulders.

How can you get your subs to follow the rules so you can stay focused?

Boiled down, the answer is simple: Hire subcontractors who promote their own safety training program that complies with OSHA. It’s the best way.

You may have been looking for a quick one-two punch that can change irresponsible subs to high-functioning safety crews, or a series of protocols that are so obvious that anyone can get them. Problem is — you’ve already tried simplifying and even yelling the simple stuff at different volumes.

Don’t settle for subcontractors who don’t take safety seriously.

If they aren’t promoting safety on their own hours, it takes over your hours.

At Rusin Concrete Construction, we get it done safely with no problems. Our teams have strict safety standards. It’s a no-brainer for them. And if you, as the general contractor, have to tell them once, it’ll be the last time.

They know the rules. They’ve been trained in a work culture that enforces it in daily huddles, toolbox discussions and OHSA certification/re-certification sessions. We all want to get home safe to our families. That’s a truth we share each day. And if that isn’t enough, we use a third- party safety company to keep us organized in commercial and complex residential projects.

Next time you start a commercial or residential project, try working with a foundation partner that takes safety seriously, like Rusin — the difference is significant.

You have bigger things to focus on for your customer.

What do you envision for your project?

The project you envisioned with an ease you didn’t expect.

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