Rusin Concrete Celebrates Women in Construction

Rusin Concrete Celebrates Women In Construction

Construction has long been a male-dominated industry, but that stereotype is changing. Many smart, dedicated, passionate women have found construction to be the perfect career for them and are hoping more women will join the industry. Here at Rusin, we value the diversity and innovation that our women bring to the table every day.

Women in Construction week highlights and celebrates the valuable and growing role women play in the construction industry. We want to join in and share a few tips from our Rusin women about what it takes to build a successful career in construction as a woman because we believe “Empowered Women Empower Women.”


1. Be confident with your industry knowledge and skills

Have confidence in your knowledge and qualifications when leading male teams. Keep this quote in mind, “Confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence…confidence applied properly surpasses genius.” So, be a genius!

2. Let opportunity in

Chances are you enjoy doing what you are good at; this will guide your career. Let your strengths create opportunities even if they’re not in your career “plan.” Nothing ever goes to plan anyway.

This starts with knowing your value. Recognize what you’ve accomplished and where you excel. Don’t be afraid to walk through unexpected doors when they open. When opportunity knocks, answer it!

3. Be a sponge

Soak up all the knowledge you can from those around you.  We have so many experienced people in our industry who love what they do and are dying to pass on their knowledge. If you listen, observe and work hard, you can be as successful as you want to be.

Diversity Drives Performance

We applaud the women who are leading the way for more women to follow. They have a unique opportunity to turn the page for a new generation of thinking, collaboration and mentorship in the construction industry.

If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding career as a woman, then construction is the right one for you.

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