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Safety Is Important To Us

Talk Is Cheap — Until It Adds Up

Communication is key for a safety program to become foundational to your team, Rusin crews get this fact. It’s understood that even the simplest rules become an engrained part of the culture through repetition and practice, promoting an injury-free environment where everyone can get home safely.

Employees follow a specific program path ...

New Hire Orientation

Previous work in the industry doesn’t guarantee safe practice. Rusin requires all employees to undergo new hire orientation on safety standards and company culture with a member of the Safety Committee and the HR Director. Whether seasoned veteran or first-timer, it’s important that everyone shares the same understanding and importance of safety.

OSHA Certifications

Certification and re-certification sessions are scheduled throughout the year to keep all employees up to date on the current standards. Specialized sessions are provided for commercial and residential job-specific tasks, like rigging, trenching, scaffolding, etc.

Daily Huddles

Workdays start together in a daily “huddle” — where expectations, hazards and actionable goals are clearly explained. Each crew foreman follows a carefully constructed morning checklist developed over decades of Rusin experience.

Weekly “Tool Box” Discussions

Once a week, employees will be made aware of recent injuries, unsafe actions or precautions related to the specific building stage, then followed by a brief discussion on topics selected by the foreman. These 15 minutes can make a world of difference.

SFI Compliance Partnership (Commercial)

Rusin likes to do things the right way, and with commercial projects, that means partnering with SFI Compliance where the in-house Safety Committee can’t fill the gap. They employ experts to conduct frequent inspections and on-site training of the crews to keep team members safe and clients happy. Crews see third-party safety as a benefit and a skillset worth learning; it’s much more than “compliance” with Rusin.

Accident Reporting and Documentation

Accident reports are taken seriously. Each individual case is reviewed in detail and necessary actions are taken when appropriate.

Adapting New Ideas and Policies

Safety is at the center of concrete work, it’s an important piece to every employee’s career trajectory. There’s a hunger in Rusin culture to be the best, and that extends to the safety program — always room for growth. The Safety Committee meets monthly to adapt OSHA safety policies, SFI Compliance perspectives and employee experiences to further perfect a program that can guarantee injury-free results.

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