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The idea for ConcreteClass© came to us after finishing our first airfield runway. It was a project that looked straightforward, and from very top level, straight and forward were the end goal. But the process to get there had challenges that the less-informed may not expect.

It got us thinking — Rusin empowers its employees to make smart choices, why stop there? Why not empower the many?

When you read these articles, you learn from decades of concrete knowledge, everything from quick tips for homeowners to optimal soil temperatures for the perfect pour. Let’s begin.

New Director of Commercial Construction

Introducing Our New Director of Commercial Construction join us in Welcoming Josh Klenda to the Rusin Team We are excited to welcome Josh Klenda to the Rusin team as the Director of Commercial Construction. His first day was November 9. Josh has worked for 13+ years in the construction industry and brings a wealth of ...

Quality You Can See

Our Projects What Does a Quality Home Foundation Look Like? Flat. Straight. Square. Although many will never see what is below their flooring, we take great pride in providing the highest quality concrete foundation that not only looks great but will withstand the test of time. Foundations From Other Companies Jagged. Wavy. Dirty. The care ...

Value Engineering Is a Valuable Asset for Your Project

Actually, it’s critical, and so is the thinking. A mound of dirt or a fireproof storage room — which would your homeowner prefer for their custom home? We won’t get into the exact numbers, but they may spend less to get a new 400 sq. ft. wine cellar than dumping and compressing the same dirt ...

A General Contractor’s First Step to Safe Subs

You don't have time to hold hands. General contractors are supposed to oversee, not babysit, but that can be what ends up happening in your day. You know what we mean, one of those days where small details distract your project timeline, where your phone says it’s after noon and you wonder how all that ...

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