Value Engineering Is a Valuable Asset for Your Project

Value Engineering Is a Valuable Asset for Your Project

Actually, it’s critical, and so is the thinking.

A mound of dirt or a fireproof storage room — which would your homeowner prefer for their custom home? We won’t get into the exact numbers, but they may spend less to get a new 400 sq. ft. wine cellar than dumping and compressing the same dirt you dug out of a hole. That’s value engineering.

How about a commercial build that can accomplish added foundation work in the same (or faster) timeframe, but only if it’s handled at a specific stage? That’s value engineering, too.

There’s been a lot of attention given to this buzzword of the industry. It sounds nice. Value engineering. Value. Engineering. But what does that mean? How can you trust that the company using the buzzword can back up their claim?

Critical thinking turns concrete from a rigid industry to an adaptable process that can collaborate alongside design and engineering. It’s valuable, yet not the standard.

Critical thinking is part one.

Design may deliver plans that have the bases covered, except the base. They miss out on opportunities for the foundation. It’s not their mistake; they have a full design to plan and think about. The foundation is solid, functional and then buried. “Check.”

There’s more to it than that.

Partnering with a foundation company that offers value engineering should feel different from your first meeting. They won’t just look at a plan and give a thumbs up — delivering exactly what you asked. The team will study the plan, see the opportunities, ask questions and even correct your plan’s errors.

Whether it’s $150 or $15,000, the company will act in your best interest and either find ways to save you money or modify your plan into something better than you had imagined. One call between concrete and engineering can save thousands of dollars. One call.

Of course, not all phone calls make progress, experience is required.

Concrete is still concrete — it’s temperamental. Without experience to back the critical thinking, the valuable and cost-saving ideas won’t take form.

Experience is part two.

The concrete industry takes time to learn well. With value engineering, your foundation partner has to see the step-by-step process in their head, and know where to apply possible changes that won’t alter the high-level plan. It’s complicated, but should be second nature.

Pay attention during your site walk. If they have the experience to back a creative idea, it will flow naturally without pause or broad stroke estimating. They will give you real numbers and details that build your confidence.

How’s this sounding?

Do you have a plan that could benefit from some critical thinking and experienced eyes?

If yes, Rusin Concrete Construction can help you.

We have over 20 years in this industry and offer value engineering to both commercial and residential customers. Even better, we speak engineer, no hand-holding required, they love our solutions and precision.

What do you envision for your project?

The project you envisioned with an ease you didn’t expect.

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